I love tomato sandwiches.

During the summer months, I unknowingly and uncaringly turn into a vegetarian. Now, if you have been following on Instagram or our Facebook page, I have been eating either vegetarian or vegan in prep for my vacation in March. The thing is that I really like it. It is simple and it can be raw, cooked, or steamed. Can’t do that with a chicken. Anyway, I will every now and again allow myself such things as bacon, mussels, and duck.

The point is that I want to approach vacation, something that is all too rare, with a healthy approach. So here I am, sitting with my lunch, a tomato sandwich on wheat with Swiss Cheese, and Mayonnaise, wondering how I translate what I’m tasting into a wine pairing. Believe it or not, I don’t think that it is too hard, so here we go…

It’s tomato, eggs, cheese, and bread. It is basically a frittata with the focus on the tomato. When it comes to tomatoes, there is (in my opinion) no better wine pairing than something Old World. What solidifies this for me is that I have a fat with the tomatoes: Duke’s Mayonnaise. The perfect amount of fat is in the sandwich for an Old World fat slashers like Rocche Costamagna Barbera d’Alba ($13.99/bottle) or Vinsacro Valsacro Rioja Diora ($14.99/bottle)to both cut through the fat of the mayo AND the cheese (remember, there is Mifroma Emmentaler Swiss cheese in it too, which between the cheese and the mayo, you get a hint of smokiness. No, really…) while bringing out the full flavor of the tomato.

Buuut if you want to go white; if you want to skip out on the full flavor of some tasty reds, a Chardonnay with a little oak will really, REALLY make your meal complete. Try Crucero Chardonnay ($8.99/bottle). It is subtle enough on the oak, while still maintaining a deceptive high acid profile.