The brand new vintage had just come in. This was a time of the year not exactly close to Christmas, but just as exciting a time as a kid on Halloween. We had been waiting for weeks for this special delivery. Mollydooker has arrived.
This all started with the famed 2005 vintage that a customer had read about and really wanted to get his hands on it. Turns out, we had to wait for the 2006 vintage and it was worth the wait. Since then, with seemingly every subsequent vintage, my staff and I would throw a vintage release party, take pictures, and send said pics to Sarah and Sparky to show our appreciation…

Mollydooker is a husband and wife team (Sarah and Sparky Marquis) that was at one time, better known as the winemakers at Marquis-Philips. Long story short, they formed their own label, “Mollydooker,” which is an Aussie term for a left-handed person. Their slogan is that they make “wines that make you say wow!” They are not lying.

I have to say that year in and year out, I have always enjoyed their offerings, although I wish their prices didn’t get to be as high as they are now (almost 37% more than their 2006 vintage). That having been said, their wines really are delicious and a little bit of a throwback to the BIG, fruit forward days of yesteryear.

That having been said, it is good to drink the classic wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy that we sell, but sometimes, you just want a big, “in your face” wine. Mollydooker is one of them, by far!

Now let’s get down to specifics: we have the Mollydooker “The Boxer” Shiraz. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this is the wine that put Mollydooker on the map in the wine world. Blackberries, chocolate, cedar, white pepper, and a whiff of bacon make up the flavors in this wine. It is special, and there is even a special way to open this wine. I won’t go on, but I will insert this link so that you can see and hear from the winemakers themselves.
Before I forget, we retail this wine for $26.99 and hope that you come in for a bottle today!

Here is the link: