Hello everyone! The new year is upon us, and just like most others, we have a resolution or two that we would like to share.
We have heard from a lot of you, and we appreciate the feedback, and to be honest, we have noticed a few things ourselves that we would maybe like to change for the better. Therefore, here are our resolutions:

1.) When we have large tastings in the future, we will “stagger” the tastings.
What does this mean? Well, if you were at our Customer Appreciation Tasting, or Champagne Bash, it was pretty crowded. How crowded? It was crowded to the point of where people were almost pushed outside to try and get into the store to taste. I know it upset more than a few of you and I will be honest, it upset me to see some of you struggling to try and taste so that you know what to buy, so here is what we will do:
On large tastings that are only scheduled for a few hours (instead of all day events, like Rose Fest), we will “Stagger” our events. What does that mean? Instead of having 80 people in for a 2 hour tasting, we can hypothetically break the time up over multiple tastings, and you can RSVP for spots within those tastings, therefore, everyone is given a better chance to taste everything in comfort.

2.) We will use some of our classes to center around food; not only wine.
Our “Better Know a Region” classes (I think) were a huge success. Not only did we sell out most of our tastings, but I think that people had an appreciation for low costs for the food we served, the wine we served, and the education that we attempted to administer. We want to continue doing this, but maybe take a class or two and focus it on something other than just wine. We have ideas for a “comfort food” class and perhaps “pizza night” and “Sushi and Bubbles” tastings that I want to have. Either I will cook in class for you, or we will team up with a restaurant that can explain why the food is popular, and how to get the best out of that food, and then of course, pair it up with wine.

3.) Private tastings: let’s do more!
Last year, we did more than a few private tastings for many of you, and I would like for us to keep that trend going.
Whether it is for a professional group, a neighborhood, or friends, we would like to be able to pour some wine, or perhaps even teach a class. Let us know what you would like to do and we will let you know if we can do it!

4.) Merchandising
Wine Outlet: The T-shirt, Wine Outlet: The Beer Kozie, Wine Outlet: The Hockey Jersey, Wine Outlet: The Flamethrower… Ok, maybe not that far, but we have some good ideas that hopefully you will like enough to want for yourself. Ideas to follow.

If you have any ideas or resolutions for the store, please feel free to e-mail me: josh@uvi.69b.myftpupload.com